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  • Headlines from around India

    The Times of India is fast becoming one of my favorite papers. Even the most serious stories are written in a loose, conversational style; when they can’t get a photographer out to an event, like a gang fight or a city council meeting, in time, they have the cartoonist provide a light hearted imagination of…

  • Back in the RoI

    Greetings again from the subcontinent. Despite the lack of evidence provided in this space, I did in fact survive and enjoy the remainder of my travels in July. In fact, since this space was last updated, I explored three south Indian states, blasted through Delhi before Hong Kong blasted through me, finished a handful of…

  • Dinner at Gufha

    I finally went upstairs the other night, to Gufha, the totally over the top cave/safari theme restaurant on the top floor of my hotel. The whole interior of the place is covered with paper mache rock formations, the waiters all wear safari outfits and pith helmets, and the only light is provided by fake flaming…

  • Backroads are backroads

    These small country roads, on the way back to Bangalore from Halebid, reminded me, vaguely, of the country roads around my Father’s home town in western Pennsylvania. Of course, we were driving on the wrong side and the vegetation was distinctly more tropical, but the basic spirit seemed the same.

  • Sravanabelagola, Belur, and Halebid

    For my second weekend day trip, we drove west from Bangalore about half way to the coast, stopping off to see the world’s largest free standing monolith at Sravanabelagola, and the ancient temples at Belur and Halebid.  The monolith is a major Jain pilgramage site, and is situated on top of a mountain with some…

  • The Rooftop Bars of Bangalore

    So, I’ve been promising for weeks now a review of the rooftop bar scene here in Bangalore. Truth be told, I’ve only been to two of them, but I hear tell there are more. I expect these two are pretty good examples of the breed; they are The Crossover Lounge, and The 13th Floor.

  • Quitting Bangalore

    Tonight is my last night in Bangalore.  I’ll be heading out bright and early tomorrow and heading south west to an old hill station in Tamil Nadu, a small state in central southern India.  I’ll be spending the weekend there, chillaxin’ and enjoying the mountains and the forests.  From there I’ll be heading down to…

  • Safe, not in Mumbai

    News is trickling in on the bomb attacks in Mumbai earlier this evening.  I am no where near Mumbai at the moment, and am perfectly safe, but many many people are not.

  • Mysore

    On my first Saturday in India, I took a quick day trip out to the neighboring city of Mysore. It’s a two or three hour drive along a relatively descent highway, and provided a nice break from the intensity of Bangalore. A brief run down of the day’s events, after the jump.