Catching Up

First off, appologies for the lack of posting this week. I’ve been working a lot, and when I have managed to keep my eyes open outside the office it has been largely in order to watch World Cup matches. On this lovely Sunday afternoon, having secured more than my average five hours of sleep, and having consumed a lovely champers brunch at the Taj West End, I thought I would endevour to get caught up before things get really hectic with my last week in Bangalore and then my week of more serious travel before arriving home, two weeks from today (or tomorrow, depending on which side of the date line you’re on). Lest you think I’m wasting my time here, I do also have a rerun of last night’s Germany Portugal match on, which I did not last for even the start of live, after a 7am start and a long day’s driving through the lovely Karnataka country side. More on that to come, but first on to more important matters, like hotel and bar reviews.