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  • Laos


    The final stop on my trip was Laos, where I got to visit Luang Prabang for a couple of days, and was able to take an overnight bike tour out to a small village up the Mekong.

  • Hue


    Finally, after Hoi An, we went down to Hue, the old Imperial Capital.

  • Hoi An

    After Ha Long Bay, we went to Hoi An, a lovely little UNESCO World Heritage town, which is just great if you can get in between the cruise ships.

  • Ha Long Bay

    Ha Long Bay

    Our first stop in Vietnam was Ha Long Bay, where we got to do a little kayaking before enjoying the scenery and the sunset from our boat.

  • Kyoto


    In December, on the way to Vietnam, I was able to visit Kyoto for a couple of days. There are a number of impressive shrines, gardens and palaces, all easily accessible by bike, which most hotels and Ryokans are happy to lend.

  • Portugal & Spain for Primavera Sound

    Portugal & Spain for Primavera Sound

    In May, a few of us went to Barcelona for the Primavera Sound festival. On the way, we stopped first in Lisbon. And then quickly through Porto. Before finally getting to Barcelona. Where I managed to get out for a short ride on the last day.

  • Puerto Rico – Holidays ‘013

    Puerto Rico – Holidays ‘013

  • Key West, Summer ’13

  • Rome

    The Pantheon St. Peter’s The Vatican Museums Palatino