Back in the RoI

Greetings again from the subcontinent. Despite the lack of evidence provided in this space, I did in fact survive and enjoy the remainder of my travels in July. In fact, since this space was last updated, I explored three south Indian states, blasted through Delhi before Hong Kong blasted through me, finished a handful of books, made it back to California, bought a car, learned the wiggle and the MUNI, celebrated a birthday, went to New York for the best wedding ever, and have returned to Bangalore. A blogger of nobler spirit would certainly have provided more timely coverage of these events, but jet lag, work, and 500 channels of cable all intervened. I’ve been back here almost a week now and have finally come to understand that these blog posts aren’t going to write them selves, and that I was going to have to create time to get it done. So, realizing that my only down time so far has been while stuck in traffic, I am composing this post on my Treo in the back of my car on the way to dinner.

This is to be a quicker trip than the last, just two weeks, and it will not afford the opportunities for leisurely travel so far afield as the last trip did. That’s not to say I’m not enjoying it, but I am finding that the lens through which I’m seeing this city has a different tint when the promise of further travel to new places isn’t backing it up. Bangalore continues to be an environment in rapid flux. I’m not sure that the traffic isn’t worse now than it was two months ago, and buildings I saw them pouring concrete on last time are now bustling centers of industry. Meanwhile, I’m experiencing the surreal pleasure of becoming a known regular at places in a foreign city in which I don’t live. I’m going to do my very best to capture and publish my observations in a slightly more expedient manner, and I’ll also be getting up to date on the balance of my adventures. So keep your RSS readers running, because we’re off to the races.