Dinner at Gufha

Flaming kebab It's a restaurant, no it's a cave

I finally went upstairs the other night, to Gufha, the totally over the top cave/safari theme restaurant on the top floor of my hotel. The whole interior of the place is covered with paper mache rock formations, the waiters all wear safari outfits and pith helmets, and the only light is provided by fake flaming torches.  I was in a bit of a hurry, because I’d been working late and had a call with California later in the evening, so I just ordered a kebab.  It arrived, as you can see above, on fire.  One of the things you get used to here in India is that sometimes things are on fire that maybe you weren’t expecting to be (see also, blue shots).  You learn to roll with this sort of surprise, and enjoy the tasty results.