Empires of the Sea

Empires of the Sea Empires of the SeaRoger Crowley; Random House Publishing Group 2008

The Maltese are the Basques of the Mediterranean, a unique micro-people formed by the particular position of their island at the center of every invasion, migration, and trading enterprise in the history of the sea. Crowley

A man hit in the eye by an arrow plucked it out, eyeball and all, tied a cloth around his head, and fought on.Crowley

The year 1580 was the end of the Crusading dream; the end of great galley wars too. The empires of the sea had fought themselves to a standstill.Crowley

At that moment, Charles and Suleiman believed that they were fighting for control of the earth. What Lepanto and its aftermath revealed was that even with shattering victories, the Mediterranean was no longer worth the fight.Crowley