Technorati testing microformats search and “Pingerati”

Tools to aggregate content published in a decentralized manner are king.

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Technorati Microformats SearchOver at the Technorati Weblog, Tantek Çelik has announced two new products, Microformats Search and Pingerati. In case you’re not familiar, microformats are small bits of XML that can be used to describe things like events, product reviews, or contacts in a way that’s easily readible by both humans and machines. Technorati’s microformats search, which is currently in the “technology preview” (i.e. beta) stage, lets you search for microformat-tagged information posted to any of the millions of blogs Technorati indexes. Pingerati is a new site that you can “ping” to get your microformats indexed by Technorati’s microformats search, as well as a service for developers that can send microformats to other sites. For example, if you ran a calendar site, Pingerati could forward all of the microformatted events that it receives to your site, kind of like a Ping-o-Matic for microformats.

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