XM Developing A Crank-Powered Satellite Radio

I love the hi/lo of a device you crank in order to receive a message from another device floating in space. More Gibson than Gibson.

eton_crank_radio.jpgAs part of XM Satellite Radio’s expanded EAS initiative, XM is working to develop a crank-powered satellite radio receiver that would allow listeners to receive signal during power outages. So during emergency situations where terrestrial radio networks are down and cell phone networks are rendered useless, you’ll be able to receive emergency notices without any power source. XM’s Emergency Alert Channel (XM 247) is received free-of-charge to any XM receiver. So even non-subscribers have the capability of getting timely updates in disaster situations. :: Via Hugg and Orbitcast

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Getting to Bangalore

My bags Bangalore airport

I’ve come to India for three weeks of business and one week of travel. I’m going to try to document my various adventures in this space in close to real time, and probably far too much detail. So, without further ado, here is the story of how four taxis, three planes, several beers, and one swimming pool transposed me from my cosy flat in the Haight to my shmancy hotel room in Bangalore.