In December, on the way to Vietnam, I was able to visit Kyoto for a couple of days.


There are a number of impressive shrines, gardens and palaces, all easily accessible by bike, which most hotels and Ryokans are happy to lend.


tko, originally uploaded by micahcraig.

I finally got around to putting something together with some of the video I took on my visit to Tokyo last December.

This was my first time really playing with video editing software, so please excuse all the cheesy transitions and ham handed cuts.

I used Cinelerra for the editing, and the music is MGMT‘s ‘Time to Pretend‘ (of course).

Muji Store

Muji Store, originally uploaded by micahcraig.

I stopped by the new Muji flagship store on a mini Japanese retail pilgramage to Times Square.  The New York branch of Kinokuniya moved to 40th & 6th from Rockafeller Center a few months ago, and I also visited their new store.

Both stores were great, but the Muji store, despight the great light, open plan, and glass shelving, still seemed too small for the range of their products.  The flagship Muji store in Tokyo is enormous, and even includes a grocery section.  If they opened a store like that in Brooklyn I might never shop anywhere else.