Cycling to the Cape

Loaded bike sitting on other forms of transport, ferry edition.
I just got back from a fantastic week sharing a house up in Wellfleet, MA, toward the end of Cape Cod. In order to turn the journey up there into a little bit more of an adventure, I decided I would ride my bike, at least for most of the way. It was a solid challenge, but I made it under my own power, and I was rewarded well with a great week with excellent friends in an ideal setting.
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tko, originally uploaded by micahcraig.

I finally got around to putting something together with some of the video I took on my visit to Tokyo last December.

This was my first time really playing with video editing software, so please excuse all the cheesy transitions and ham handed cuts.

I used Cinelerra for the editing, and the music is MGMT‘s ‘Time to Pretend‘ (of course).