After-market in bugs

After-market in bugs, originally uploaded by micahcraig.

Softmodding an Xbox requires a doohicky to write to Xbox memory cards and a game that has an exploitable bug in the Load/Save routine. There’s a thriving after-market in these games, as evidenced by the frequency with which they are purchased together with the doohicky. I may be the only one who finds it really quite funny that these games are popular because they have bugs, not in spite of it.

Then You Might Actually Stay Upright

Girl in bathroom: Well, my friends live out here, but I’m from Manhattan, so I asked them what I should wear and they said this place was really casual. So I asked if I could at least wear heels..and they said no…but I can’t drink in sneakers!

–Astoria Beer Garden

Overheard by: melissa

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