(Re)Bloging for our Cause

From the Goods4Good Tumblr:

What can Goods for Good do with $3000? A lot.

Consider some of this:

  • $39 clothes 80 orphans in Malawi
  • $250 buys toys for 4 nursery schools at Consol Homes Orphan Care
  • $1,057 trains 12 nursery school teachers in early childhood development
  • $2,218 pays for a year’s supply of pens and notepads for ALL children in G4G schools

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places i’ve lived

    Inspired by Manlio, and procrastinating packing for my own quickly impending next move, here’s a list of everywhere I’ve lived since leaving home:

    1. Goddard Hall, 4th St & Washington Sq East, NY, NY, 97-98 Academic Year
    2. 3rd Ave Residence, 11th St & 3rd Ave, NY, NY, Summer 98
    3. University Hall, 14th St & 4th Ave, NY, NY, Fall, 98
    4. via Marconi, Florence Italy, Spring, 99
    5. 106th & Columbus, NY, NY, Summer, 99
    6. 16th St & 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 99-00 Academic Year
    7. 83 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY, 00-05
    8. Fell St, SF, CA, 05-06
    9. Page St, SF, CA 06-07
    10. 6th St, Brooklyn, NY, 07-09
    11. Bond St, Brooklyn, NY, 09-….

    As usual, Manlio wins.